The Avengers: Round 5

1 Sep

It’s not everyday a movie gets better the more you see it, but it still puts a big, ridiculous grin on my face. And you can’t beat $5 RPX 3D. And Scarlett Johansson ;)

The Bourne Legacy

25 Aug

The Bourne Legacy is entertaining enough with some pretty intense action sequences, but nothing spectacular overall. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t remember the other Bourne movies, but Jeremy Renner is a great actor. I’m surprised I liked it as much as I did.

The Expendables 2

18 Aug

Pretty much everything to be expected from such a sequel, but still manages to deliver that good old fashion action entertainment with plenty of explosions and big-gun wielding, aging action heroes. Who really cares about the story or reality when you have Chuck Norris making Chuck Norris jokes. What more can you ask for? Nothing, that was a rhetorical question. -_- Regardless, between jokes about everyone’s cinematic backstories, constant classic action, and yes, more explosions, it really does live up to the ‘legacy’ of the first.

DKR: Round 2

5 Aug

Hey, in my defense, the first time I was in a theater for 9 hours (Leather RPX seats notwithstanding) after a line for 2 and was horribly tired come 12:30…


3 Aug

I hear Total Recall sucks as expected, no thanks. I’d rather not watch them ruin a classic.

The Dark Knight Rises

20 Jul

And there you have it – the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s dark, well executed, and overtly amazing Batman trilogy. I’ve heard a lot of negatives from people, and ultimately, it is a conflicting movie to see. Nonetheless, it worth seeing, no doubt. It has the explosions, the epic fights, and that infamous voice. Just like we like it. Does it surpass The Dark Knight? Well, that’s tough to call. It’s certainly much more epic in scope, but…Bane’s voice… Eh, it’s good, potentially great. Very well written with plenty of throwbacks to Batman Begins which is always nice. Christopher Nolan is a truly visionary writer and director. It is a fitting conclusion. Now we just have to hope the studios (And DC. Yea, mostly DC) don’t ruin it all by making any more.

Prometheus: Round 2

9 Jul

Why not? I actually understood it this time ^_^